"Intermediate" - 5 Week Program

"Intermediate" - 5 Week Program
From NZD $295.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Product code: "Intermediate" - 5 Week Program

The Intermediate Group Sessions are meant to give the everyday surfer the skills and confidence to progress to that next level! Whether it be learning to stay on the peak and improving your take off, or perfecting that cross step to finally get to the nose. This is perfect program for confident beginners who are keen to refine their techniques. Throughout the 5 week program, you’ll fast track your surfing skills and see your progression & confidence improve each session.

The session day is flexible to make sure we score the best conditions of the week! 

Sessions will include: 

  • Video Analysis
  • Wave selection and take off 
  • Trimming and Top-Bottom
  • Cutbacks, stalls and fades
  • Cross stepping and Nose Rides

Student Surf Requirements: 

  • Students must be able to catch an unbroken wave (Green Wave) on their own.
  • Students must be able to go left or right at length
  • Students must be able to paddle out the back on their own

Student Surf Recommendations:

  • Students should have their own equipment (board and wetsuit)
  • Students should have a basic knowledge of surf forecasting, wave anatomy, and surf etiquette.